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First things first. As a rule of thumb, any HR transformation, whether it is a digital one or not, must take place with a clear objective in mind. It must make business sense. Too often still, companies seem to give in to peer pressure; their competitors all ‘do digital’ so they feel like they must do something too.

But digitalizing certain HR processes just for the sake of it is never a good idea. It leads to the implementation of (expensive) technology that does not meet the actual needs of the business. This totally defies the purpose of a transformation. The purpose of transformation should be squarely placed on either understanding your customers needs better or improving your operational efficiency to be able to deliver on those needs quickly.

While it sounds good in theory, it can seem daunting when it comes to making that first step towards an HR digital transformation or any digital transformation. So here are a few ingredients for a successful start:

  • 1. Establish a clear goal.
  • 2. Get everyone on board.
  • 3. Do not overcomplicate things.
  • 4. Prioritize ideas.
  • 5. Assess performance.
  • 6. Culture is important.

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Digital HR

A few use cases that we have deliberated on and occasionally deployed a solution for:

  • • Add AI to the Talent Acquisition process:AI decreases the time and effort needed to go through hundreds of candidates, identifying matches to the Job description and company culture. It offers the advantage of automatically ranking the candidates using tested algorithms. At BCD we are experimenting with such a prototype developed in our innovation lab with our leading customers.
  • • Increase Adoption of the Referral Program using mobile and wearables: Development of easy-to-use intuitive apps that your employees can easily access on their mobile devices and use to scan potential candidates greeting cards or input basic information opens the door to candidates that would otherwise not be open.
  • • Easy to use Employee Health Check – A mobile app to check the employee and visitor’s health at the point of entry to the office building allows the HR team to ensure safety of their employees by reducing the chances of a contagious disease from entering the building.
  • • Add AI to Onboarding of New Recruits: After the hiring of suitable candidates, the AI consolidated systems will introduce the newly hired employees to the company information and regulations on the first day.
  • • Add AI to your L&D initiatives: The AI enabled Learning and development services will help the employees learn and train themselves about the relevant positions and requirements without much effort from HR. The AI will automatically understand and assign suitable training to the employee by analyzing the documents and tests. Based on their job description, relevant skill set information will be allotted for better development


Browse through our other key solutions that we have created for specific Business units. We are proud of every solution we build and put the same intensity and creativity with all solutions, big or small, complex or simple.

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Frequently asked questions about our business plans
According to a study by Gartner, more than £750 billion a year is spent worldwide on IT outsourcing. The magnitude of the amount spent shows how companies are eager to engage an offshore company for IT solutions. Firstly, developing an IT infrastructure needs a lot of capital, once companies outsource the essential operations, they cut down their costs adding on to their profitability. Secondly, IT outsourcing allows companies to gain a broader pool of talented people skilled to complete their tasks efficiently. Other benefits of IT outsourcing include more flexibility and getting the job done at a faster pace.
As per Dell’s Digital Transformation Index, eight in ten organizations fast-tracked their digital transformation programs in 2020. With rapidly changing technology landscape coupled with the current pandemic, businesses now more than ever, are facing the need to embrace innovative ways to remain competitive. Companies that are more open to change will have a better chance to cut their costs, enhance efficiency, create customer-centric products, and ultimately beat the competition.
Low-code application platform provides a visual approach to software development. It allows you to design products rapidly and helps in automating every step of the development process. One of the biggest advantages of using low code application platform is that instead of relying solely on hardcore programmers it also allows more people to be involved in the development process. Gartner has predicted that the low-code application platform will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity by 2024. Talking about Microsoft Power Platform, Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a Leader in the Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms Magic Quadrant. It is a low-code, high productivity application platform that allows developers to design their products cost-effectively and rapidly. With Microsoft Power Platform, among other benefits, you can build apps for the web and mobile without code. In addition, it can help you connect to 280+ data sources across Microsoft and provide you the option to customize and extend Office 365, and Dynamics 365.
While outsourcing, the biggest concern a client has is the protection of their intellectual rights. To counter any concerns, we at Blu Cocoon have a strong security protocols and proper NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) in place. Moreover, we also install technical safeguards and provide appropriate clearance access to our employees based on seniority and their role in each project.
We at Blu Cocoon have invested a lot of time and efforts in building an employee first culture. Our friendly work environment coupled with performance-based structure helps us to attract and retain the best talent available. In addition, being a learning organization, we believe in the concept of continuous improvement; our focus is to ensure self-development across the entire organization. This helps us to keep challenging ourselves and stay competitive in the changing technological world.
We offer a plethora of services to our clients. Some of them include Custom App Integration, BI and Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Legacy Modernization and Cloud Deployment. Through these services we have helped our partners in New Product Introduction, Food substitution, Farmers Communication Portal, developing Unified Document Management system, Lab Information management system, AI Enabled Demand Forecasting system, AI enabled Research Data management system, Product Launch Accelerator system and AI Enabled Human Resource Management system.
Absolutely. Depending on the nature of product, we develop solutions keeping in view the future technological advancements and client’s need to scale the existing solution.
Yes, once the product is tested and deployed within your organization, our team is always available to check for any bugs and to provide maintenance service.

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