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Why does Digital Transformation fail

June 15, 2021
Blucocoon Team
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70% of transformations efforts fail worldwide,if your company intends to grow and not be digitally disrupted, you must beat those odds. Developing a comprehensive digital strategy and transformation program and managing that exceptionally well is how you accomplish that. These are the most common reasons illustrated below, we have some suggestions on how you can address these common reasons. 

Right, You said all this before

People protecting the status quo win, they win because they see no incentive or support for making the changes transformation requires, in fact, they feel threatened by it, change is hard even for those who want to, most resist it, they have built a strong position for themselves doing what they have, change makes them vulnerable – without identifying and influencing these key stakeholders, your digital strategy will fail. You need a well-thought-out transformation program to combat this. 

Think of poorly managed projects, poorly managed companies. Employees are skeptical, they have seen transformations fail before, show them how you envision success to look like, show them that you know how the company can get there. 

Pulling together a companywide transformation team, getting them on the same page, getting them organized, giving them the perspective, skills and understanding they need to work together successfully and providing them with a well thought out structure to execute against is a journey and it is a tough one. It takes a dedicated team that has the available bandwidth to pull all of that together and move it forward. 

The reason why 70% of transformation effort fails is that most companies do not understand what Digital Transformation means, it is not about updating technology and checking a box, it is not about a digital marketing campaign, etc. You could be the one of the 30% that succeed and by doing so tremendously increasing your ability not just to compete but to lead the digital future. For this you need to holistically understand 



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