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The Digital Revolution

June 15, 2021
Blucocoon Team
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The Digital Revolution began between the late 1950’s and 1970’s. It is the development of technology from mechanical and analog to digital. During this time, digital computers and digital record keeping became the norm. The introduction of digital technology also changed the way humans communicate, now via computers, cell phones, and the internet. This revolution led way to the Information Age.

Currently, Global society is in the throes of a digital revolution that has transformed the way in which information and knowledge are acquired, stored, communicated, and used. This revolution is distinguished by its speed, its global pervasiveness, and its disruptive consequences. There are few areas of individual, commercial, social, or political action that are unaffected. It poses powerful opportunities and radical challenges both to science and to society to adapt in ways that maximize beneficial and minimize negative outcomes.

What had the digital revolution pick up steam in the 200’s was with the introduction of 3 capabilities by powerful new technologies like Mobile Phones, Social media, Analytics, Cloud, IOT …. I would put that date roughly around 2005 with the birth of Facebook and the introduction of the iPhone.

It did not stop there, AI, ML, Blockchain, Robotics, 3D Printing, Augmented Reality etc. followed suit and together they completely changed the competitive landscape. Little companies like Uber had the ability to disrupt an entire industry with a single idea and the use of a digital platform.

These 3 capabilities are.

Companies like Amazon, Apple, Uber helped us all see the power that the digital revolution provides. It is really our choice on which side of the revolution we want to place our bets on.

In my humble opinion its wise not to wait for the Uber Moment when you see your industry has been completely disrupted and you were not ready to play the new game. It is key to get to a place where you can quickly transform your strategy and systems to play in progressively newer arena’s. We do not know which way the pendulum will swing in the future - its best to be ready for anything - hence all the buzz around Digital Transformation. The digital revolution is evening out the playing field, we have dreamed of this day since the ancient Greeks, of robots doing our jobs, cultivating our lands, well! that day is here, and it brings in a lot of new possibilities and some side effects.

Is your organization ready to play in the Digital era? We can help.



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