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June 4, 2021
Blucocoon Team
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  Digital Transformation is a trendsetter and has been for a while. Blockchain is beyond technology and when coupled with Digital Transformation, it forms a customer experience trend as this constantly evolving as it is extremely fluid and dynamic in nature. An estimated 100 trillion is the business value of Blockchain and it is expected to hit this number by 2025.

Companies that have started using Digital Transformation have incorporated IOT, Big Data and other collaborations. And with Blockchain in the mix, it is expected to reach its peak in the coming years.

Blockchain will be the key to accelerating digital transformation as it has the momentum and strength to amplify businesses.

Up to this point, many agree that Blockchain has the momentum and vigor to transform new-age businesses. At a period when businesses are realizing the power that digital transformation has in creating efficiency and record-breaking revenue growth, lots of success stories are injecting more steam into the trend.

Blockchain is already poised to be mostly for digital transactions, because of its cryptographic structure and as its decentralized and tamper-proof. This ensures high level of trust in P2P transactions. Ideally, with B2B and B2C businesses turning to the digital space, Blockchain won’t just be necessary, but equally pivotal in digital transformation.

Businesses with robust digital transformation strategies often have a plus in reorganizing their supply chains. Incorporating Blockchain, however, promises to not only create maximum transparency throughout the chain but also create a competitive edge. Likewise, digital transformation is basically about customer service. They value swift and speedy completion of transactions. Blockchain has shown that it can do this and make transactions safe and secure. This is often an enormous point in debates between companies that use Blockchain and the companies that don’t. The future of monetary currency and Blockchain is close knit. There’s a growing belief that digital transformation got to stick with Blockchain.  It could grow into a de-facto platform for financial currency. Bitcoin and Altcoin are growing in popularity. And Blockchain seems to have found a place in the finance and banking sectors. It’s a distributed ledger – secure, decentralized, and may handle digital assets in real-time.

Lastly, there’s a better likelihood that Blockchain might eventually be a hit amongst businesses. If companies adopt it and compel their suppliers to modify to their current technology in their operations in line with its benefits, the skeptics are left high and dry. Discussion about Blockchain is important for companies that don’t want to lose touch with the business world during digital transformation.

Today, the dynamic nature of digital transformation vis-à-vis the appeal of Blockchain in various businesses means the 2 are perfect for a business aspiring for agility. And that’s why companies killing it on digital transformation are now searching for ways and means to leverage Blockchain and efficiently maximize digital opportunities. It’s only a matter of your time before Blockchain becomes a part of the digital transformation system.


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