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5G Connecting People

May 31, 2021
Blucocoon Team
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Connectivity underpins everything in today’s digital world. It’s the vital foundation for the applications and technologies that we have faith in our daily lives – think maps, contactless payment, video calls, and therefore the whole range of mobile communications. As we move further into the digital age, we’ll be looking to exploring more with the use of these technologies. And this suggests we’ll require more from our mobile networks.

This is where 5G is useful. It’s a next-generation network powerful enough to support the advanced applications we strive for – things like connected homes, driverless cars, and augmented reality. Governments around the world are establishing 5G strategies to ensure the future is taken care off.

What makes 5G unique & important?

Unlike previous networks like 4G and LTE, 5G has many forms and multiple utilities. The fifth generation will depend upon the present 4G framework that’s already in place. Although 5G will utilize number of identical technologies as 4G, it’ll be much more advanced in terms of speed, coverage and reliability. 5G are the fastest network the world has ever seen, with potential speeds reaching 10Gb/s. Some are estimating that it’ll be 100 times faster than the 4G we’ve got now. To top it all, 5G networks also will have much lower latency, meaning there won’t be any lag between devices. Latency with current 4G networks is quite noticeable, but with 5G it will be impossible to detect. Reliability is additionally set to enhance with the introduction of 5G since there’ll be a greater number of connection points in a smaller area letting increased capacity. These characteristics make 5G an important platform for time-sensitive connections like healthcare and automatic vehicles – cases where the network needs to be totally trusted. Unlike 4G which directly impacted people, 5G will impact us as citizens, employees, and consumers –indirectly through businesses. IoT, underpinned by 5G networks, will enable important innovations in healthcare. 5G is probably going to enhance all kinds of road travel, since it’ll provide the connectivity for automatic vehicles to maneuver safely and efficiently. In addition, 5G will revolutionize the way that we manage our built environment – including our homes. Using IOT we’ll be able to connect different household devices, like smoke detectors, temperature sensors, light switches and therefore the heating, so everything is regulated automatically

5G: Defining the future.

5G is the biggest leap mobile networking will see in this every evolving technology era.

As time goes by, 5G networks will grow to its full potential and this will prove to be the biggest tech transformation when compared to previous generations.

Thanks to the evolution of 5G, new opportunities will open up. The future is now, and 5G is here to conquer the tech landscape.


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